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Flubber Colour Fearless Collection – 10 Pack

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Flubber Colour Fearless Collection – 10 Pack

Flubber Colour Fearless Collection – 10 pack

Bold – Brave – Courageous – Daring – Gallant – Heroic – Intrepid – Strong – True – Valiant

Our Flubber Colour gel polish is our NEW Gel polish range.  It is highly pigmented and an essential part of your nail tech kit!

Flubber colour can be applied thicker than iLac to give full coverage in 1 coat, however this is not designed to build with.

Important Note: Flubber colour requires a 120 second cure time in UV/LED

What is it? It’s our new gel polish range that is part of the best selling Flubber family. Flubber Colour is a gel colour made using the same base as our Flubber base coats, this means it’s flexible yet strong, highly pigmented and lovely to use.

What’s the difference between iLac and Flubber Colour? As most of you will know iLac has a few different formulas that make up the range, Flubber Colour on the other hand will be the same formula across the board so they will all perform the same.

Do you still need to use a base such as Flubber base? Yes, while it is possible to use Flubber Colour directly onto the nail we would NOT recommend it, this is because using a separate base will extend the life of your manicure, also Flubber Colour straight onto the natural nail will result in staining.

What are the benefits of Flubber Colour? It’s very highly pigmented so should only need one coat (speeding up your service time), it will give a little extra strength (perfect for clients that sometimes suffer with chipping), all Flubber Colour shades are the same formula so they all perform the same, it has an amazing consistency and is lovely to work with and apply.

Do you apply it the same as iLac? No, Flubber Colour is a higher viscosity so you need to work with the product not against it! You can apply it a LITTLE thicker than you would with iLac (not too thick as you want it to cure through).

What’s the application process? Apply your chosen base as you normally would (for example cover Flubber), then apply your Flubber Colour, then top coat.

Can you use it over other products? Yes! Flubber Colour can go over all of our other products for example SOBIAB, Acrylink, iJel etc.

Which top coat should I use? As our products are designed to work together you can use any of our top coats.

Will there be more colours? YES

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